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Equine Insurance

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Your Horse is Your Life.

You’ve spent a considerable amount of time training, caring for, and most likely competing with your horse. In addition to being a proud owner, it’s up to you to ensure your horse’s safety and well being. Similarly, your horse represents both a financial and emotional investment. In brief, medical expenses for your horses can be costly.


Equine Insurance policy from Platinum Insurance Group provides coverage for a variety of expenses related to the upkeep of your horse. Our policy options include:


  • Full Mortality and Theft – to insure your animals against death as a result of injury, illness, disease, humane destruction, transportation, or theft.
  • Major Medical Coverage* – to provide reimbursement for the cost of medical and surgical bills caused by accident, sickness, or disease.
  • Loss of Use – for compensation in the event your horse becomes totally and permanently unable to perform the duty for which your horse is insured.
  • Stallion infertility – for coverage in the event your stallion becomes permanently incapable of producing offspring due to an accident, illness, or disease.


Our specialists provide policies with the right coverage options for your horse. At Platinum Insurance Group, a member of our insurance team can find the best coverage options in addition to the best rates available for your special animal. Our company is committed to building the perfect policy that fits the needs of you and your horse.

*Major Medical Coverage is an addition to the Full Mortality policy and cannot be purchased alone.

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